Saturday, March 16, 2013

Welcome to Los Angeles Equestrian!

Nothing says Los Angeles quite like smog, subdivisions and parched earth, but we make due with what we’ve got! For some time now I've wanted to document my equestrian adventures in the unlikely landscape of Los Angeles, but hadn't quite found the right forum. Well, except for Facebook.

My friends and family have been subject to numerous posts about dressage shows, eventing and the intricacies of body clipping. Fascinating stuff, but only for the horsey set. Luckily about 10% of my friends and family are "horsey," but I have a feeling everyone else just looks on in bewilderment. Therefore I have to throw in "normal" posts and photos pertaining to work, food, etc. so as not to seem too odd, but with this blog I am going all horsey, all the time!

I'll be posting more about my intrepid mare, Africa's Secret, and the types of things we do together, but for now I've put forth enough brain power for one late night.

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