Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Trail Riding from Middle Ranch

Horse-eating-sheep pasture
This past Saturday I went on a lovely trail ride, departing from the northern part of Middle Ranch. As a boarder, it is so fantastic to be able to just get on your horse and hit the trail. You don't have to walk your horse on the street, or trailer out to another property, both things I have done in the past.

The trail I use most often at Middle Ranch is referred to as "the loop." First stop on the loop after a nice quarter mile or so hill is a large plateau that is home to several fuzzy sheep, as seen in the photo at left. These sheep are always a disconcerting sight for Miss Africa. Luckily her reaction is usually to just stop, snort and stare. It makes me laugh that she has such a strong reaction to these harmless creatures, as we have also encountered deer, snakes, a bobcat and coyotes, all of which she reacts to in much less dramatic fashion. 

Fire roads stretching out before us
Once we've passed in front of the horse-eating-sheep pasture, it's onto the fire road, at right. The benefit of boarding your horse in an area know for out of control brush fires is the amazingly well kept roads that are used by fire trucks and park rangers. Although a bit too hard for anything faster then a walk or sometimes a trot, they are wide and well groomed. These roads continue on from the Middle Ranch property into the adjacent Angeles National Forest.

Shady section of trail "loop" at Middle Ranch
After strolling along the fire road for a while, the loop comes to it's last stretch alongside a creek that only has water flowing in late spring, but provides enough water that large oak trees shade the path. It is my favorite part of the trail as it is shady. You can start "the loop" by entering this shady stretch first, but I like to save it for the end. Right now it is still somewhat green in all of these photos, but by the end of May it will probably be mostly brown, which is still beautiful in it's own rugged way.

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