Sunday, March 17, 2013

Southern California Turnout for Horses

Yes, "Southern California Turnout" is pretty much an oxymoron, especially close to major cities. While on the East Coast turnout usually means an acre plus of open space, probably with some actual grass growing on the ground, in SoCal it generally means your horse goes out for an hour in what is euphemistically called a "sun pen." These range in size from 24' x 24' on up, and allow the horses to move around a bit more than they can in a box stall and roll if they are so inclined. It is not ideal, but most horses seem to cope pretty well, especially with daily riding and/or hand walking.

Here's a video of my mare, Africa, having a bit of fun in the "turnout" today. She was a little peeved that I came to get her out and decided to show me she was still WILD and I should leave her be. I only caught a bit of her hijinks on my phone, but it made me smile since is 19 years old and still up to acting goofy once in a while.

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